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A New Year, A New . . .

New Year's resolutions were never what they are cracked up to be. Lent always fails. Christmas is always too much. And birthdays are always a disappointment.

snow -7 °C

Some things are too good to be kept a secret. So you get a look in.

A long holiday. A long break. A big get away.

From what? To meet what? Certainly not the New Year?

I took a sabbatical. I moved around. Kept moving. Saw some people. I let you work out the some.

I came back.
I came back twice.

Back to Moscow.

It changed. The people changed. The air changed. The mood changed. We changed.

Hello to a new generation. Have you changed your perspective. Are you plain, milk or white?

Plain, dominates. She is strong. But when mixed with milk she gives herself and she gets lighter. In the cold she remains herself, in the warmth she curdles. Inside remains the fight. Does the fight weaken or strengthens - time will tell.

White has wit, but leaves half of it at home. White has fire, but leaves a third of it at home. White sings, but left an album at home. Amongst the white of the snow, you may not see her, but look again she's there and she's looking at you. She speaks. She moulds. She grafts. She learns, still white, but she may not return home the same white.

Then there is milk. She is moving on. She's melting, leaving a bit of herself across the world. Europe likes milk and milk likes Europe. When milk melts, she learns, changes consistency but with the same ingredients. The recipe improves and will continue doing so until its perfect.

So perfection is what you wanted?
And so perfection is what you get.

Lets see what else can we add to the game?

I hope you don't do anything you will regret.

I hope you move on from this bombshell.

Lets hope you don't get left behind in the spring awakening.

From Russia with Love

x x x

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What did you want for Xmas . . . ?

I heard a lot of people were disappointed this year

snow -8 °C

Lets recap on a few things. Its been a while.

Returning, back to last semester there were things that were duly noted yet not quite subscribed so don’t think your actions slipped our radar.

The Dacha experience, was most definitely an experience never to be forgotten, and those who didn’t go, don’t worry we have all the news. A dangerous, international affair, whose uniform stood out the most? Did your skills fit the bill? Outside, I heard two continental pleasures rocked the audience, but did they rock each others world? Upstairs - this vodka-laced party saw a party of two removing themselves from the commotion, but somehow disorder always follows . . but you already read about it . . .

As all things must come to the end, so does this first half of the party. This time a more cultural affair with more than one nation reuniting. Whose room was occupe? Who did you shed tears for? The underpinning feeling was sparked in the audience.

When you left who did you leave behind? Whose thoughts were you in. Who else did they belong to? I can promise you, you weren't the only one . . .

So what next for our dismissed students? Who made it to the second term? What has changed for you? What did facebook tell us?

And so we have a new focal point for this semester, and it already looks like a tough crowd.

Some could say larger than life. Some could say they slip between the cracks. Some could also be watched from a higher level - this is Russia after all.

Parle vous francais? Sprechen Deutsche? Do you speak American? You best brush up, people talk.

I'll be back with some more news, when it hits me. In the meantime dont party too hard. 33/1 used to be studious.

From Russia with love

x x x

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What happens in the Dacha stays in the Dacha.

overcast 10 °C

I heard this particular group of jet setters really went to town with this one. Or should I say out of town?

Judging by the sizes of the suitcases they were going for at least a week. I wonder why so many clothes were bought yet only a few were worn during this three day affair?

What happens when you mix steam, swimming pools and copious amounts of alcohol together with our students? I'll give you a clue. Its not pretty.

My sources tell me that our most wonder-some family slipped into their roles quite nicely. The mother, the father, and a few rebellious children. I hope you didn't stand out.

Whilst your daddy was cooking the spit roast, what were you up to? I heard sauna's were supposed to be hot, but temperatures not everything - right?

I heard a pair went to bed very early.

I was also under the impression that someone got really beat up about the whole excursion. Were you the victim, or victimised?

So folks, that I leave you. I leave you to find out the rest. Christmas is coming and you need something to do, rather than saying your goodbyes . . .


From Russia with Love


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Almost a month later

snow -3 °C

Welcome back.

I hope you enjoyed the break as much as we did here.

Like many other metropolis' this city never sleeps. That is unless we refer to our other type of "late night affairs".

Since first being introduced to our scene lets have a look at what our players have been up to.

The corridors seem the same, the doors stand the same, the faces look the same but the feelings have changed. The links that have been forged between, within whom those is what we're trying to discover. The weather has changed.

Now that the Bolshoi has opened after 15 years, what other things have opened up, or should I say broken up? I heard the 2 rooms opposite each other have been doing some exchanging. . .My sources say he was looking for some fun - but was that what she had in mind?

As the maths gets ever more complicated, it seems they seem to be trying to solve their own simultaneous equations. What was 'x' equal to? I heard that one x was trying to dish the dirt. I swear what we have on him is even better - but whose holding who to whom?

Lets start with our familiar group of friends. Where are they now?

Our spotlight goes to the organiser. Whose bed was she seen getting out of? What half is she trying to embrace this time?

A special mention has to go to the girl who is unusually quiet. What 'work' has she actually been doing? What is she hiding, there's a story under those tired eyes.

One is playing with fire. And its a dangerous game. Her door is locked but opened for one. That one has a two who also wants to be with you. But you already knew that . . .

Another holds it together, but I heard her (not so new) squeeze can't keep it in for more than 5. Lets hope those numbers sort themselves out, otherwise I fear things may turn around.

Another plays quite innocently. But look closely and you may see someone is after her number 2.

Our peripheries also play a role in this game. One innocent bystander has finally got her prize. Another tries hard in Sofia. But what have they got to do with our friends, in particular whose eyes reflect something unusual.

The next four weeks will uncover some new truths, but where will you be? Best keep close to avoid the severe external conditions.

Dasvidania friends,

With Russian from Love

x x x

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The morning after the night before

sunny 5 °C

Good Morning Moscow,

Last night festivities told us a few stories about the students living here at 33/1 Studencheskaya.

Halloween in Moscow was supposed to be a cultural affair and my sources tell me that the only cultural affairs happened in the bedrooms . . .

Welcome to those that have joined me in my Year Abroad Project. A year in Moscow in the student residences. Based in the most 'exclusive' of the Russian, Soviet-Style dormitory building this certainly isn't our friends idea of luxury. Our events are centered around a group of 6 but their circle spans far wider. With nationalities spanning the globe from Austria to America, from Chile to China. Who are they - I'm not telling.

Our first character know what shes talking about, really. In charge of the decorations, she certainly went to town in every sense of the word, but who with? - now there's the question we're looking for. The room was prepared but where were the people?

I'll tell you where. Room 432. Pre-party. Joining us last night we had Policemen, Ghosts, Detectives, Doctors, The Fresh Prince and even a Rubiks Cube - so who were you with? Where did the Policemen go? I heard there was some activity that had to be broken up - in the corridors. Was it real or a fake? We had fighting Football players, but I heard it was someone else fighting?

At the epicentre of our night tells us a story about 5 Spice Girls. The main characters of this story: Baby, Scary, Sporty, Posh and Ginger. Even though the group's performance won't show so, we know that Ginger was second pick. Strange that, as she appeared to be at the centre of attention - but was she really. Who was watching you?

Did their choice of dance partner show us anything or was it just a feint? Maybe the footage will lend us a few clues. Who kissed too, who solved the equation and who used the bathroom?

Welcome to our not-so-PG-13 story, but don't worry our babushka's are still here to ensure things don't go too off course. The final twist to our tale hears some loud noises coming from room 329. It wasn't just the babushka that was listening. I heard that there were three after her blithe spirit, but who was the lucky one? Where was he all night?

Dasvidania friends,

With Russian from Love

x x x

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